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    Global Effect

    A neat and unique strategy game from the makers of excellent Supremacy, Global Effect puts a new spin on the “conquer-thy-neighbor” genre by focusing on the environmental impact of your decisions.

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    Essentially similar to The Settlers AKA Serf City, Global Effect involves building up a sound local economy before going out to attack other nations and rule the world. Play Global Effect online!

    Global Effect game description

    Cities must contain housing, food sources and power supplies, which is where it gets complicated. You can choose the environmental settings of the game, in a similar way to Civilization – an icy world or a post-apocalyptic one make things much tougher.

    Environmental factors play the biggest part in this game, as you have to use efficient power sources if possible. You only get a certain level of power at the start of the game, and have to build enough ‘green’ things to increase it further – trees are the most effective.

    Once you have a fully functional city capable of supporting military units of any quality, these can be directed off into battle by giving them pre-planned flight paths which can be over-ridden if need be.

    Let loose a nuke or two and observe the result on grasslands, or grow more trees and reap the benefit. It is also among the first real-time games that offer multiplayer support, although the confusing interface detracts a little from the fun.

    Two-player games can be played via null-modem cables, even across different systems.

    Play Global Effect online

    You can play Global Effect online here, in web browser for free!

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