War Inc. DOS front cover
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    War Inc.

    War Inc. is an RTS, released in 1997, set in the near future where the player has to manage research, the company’s stocks and pit their mercenaries against other corporations in the role of the CEO of a PMC.

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    War Inc. is a real time strategy game, featuring tech research for components used to build your own combat units. Play War Inc. online!

    Set in the future where private security forces have evolved into a corporate world police force, you run the company ‘Granite’; one of the leading such mercenary corporations. The game includes a stock market, R&D area, and weapons design interfaces. Build your army to your specification, and dominate the competition.

    Game features include:

    Office view – access the stock market to buy and sell to make money while you are in-between missions.

    Technology research interface – hire scientists to research components

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