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    Super Dune II: Classic

    Super Dune II: Classic is an updated version of the Dune II modification/add-on, Super Dune 2, which was released back in 1994 by Power C and Shadow Knight. The Classic edition fixes as many glitches and bugs in Super Dune 2 as possible, while keeping the original feel and all features of the modification intact. Play Super Dune II: Classic online!

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    The fixes and changes introduced in Super Dune II: Classic include:

    • All scenario (mission) files have been cleaned of errors and mistakes, first and foremost of the “team bug”, which prevented the AI from using attack teams of vehicles against the player.
    • While Mentat facial animations for the “new” sides were all messed up in SD2, Super Dune II Classic fixes that as well. Now the Fremen are briefed by Cyril, the Mercenaries by Ammon, and the Sardaukar by Radnor.
    • All missions are now supplied with appropriate briefings.
    • The errors which caused concrete placement restrictions for the Mercenaries and the Sardaukar (“concrete bug”) and prevented the Fremen- and Mercenary-conquered regions from showing up on the conquest map (“vanishing houses bug”) have been fixed.
    • Frigate delivery now works properly for the new sides.
    • The player-owned sandworms in the Fremen campaign are now more friendly towards the player’s other units. They are set by default to Area Guard, in which mode they do not devour friendly units. Additionally, the player can now manually set the worms into Area Guard mode if the need arises;
    • Fixed some in-game graphical bugs, including the IX remap error (wrong colours on the House of Ix structure).

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