The Settlers II: Mission CD DOS front cover
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    The Settlers II: Mission CD

    This is the official add-on for The Settlers II. In the new campaign you play as the great-grandchild of Octavius (who you played in the original game) who is on a quest to conquer the world. Play The Settlers II: Mission CD online!

    Play it online!
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    During the campaign you’ve to fight your enemies on all 6 continents through 9 missions. The base outline of these maps look like their real counter-parts and are very huge. Each has it’s corresponding climate, too. In one mission you have to fight the vikings on Greenland in deep snow and in another you fight the natives of Africa in a mix of desert and veld.

    Also there come 12 new maps for the free game-mode with this add-on, there’s now also a editor in which you can build your own maps with the only limitation that you can’t make a map on which you can use ships.

    The add-on is also included in the The Settlers II: Gold Edition.

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