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    Air Force Commander

    Take command of a middle-eastern country’s airforces to gain air superiority over your enemy. No resource management, just attack and defend. Sixteen missions, played from both sides for the advertised total of Twenty-eight. Size ranges from Lebanon vs. Syria to Gulf War.

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    In Air Force Commander the player takes command of a Middle Eastern country’s air force to gain air superiority over the enemy. Play Air Force Commander online!

    Air Force Commander game description

    Like the title suggests this game focuses solely on aircraft and rocket bases. The main part of the game is spent on the overhead map where the player gives orders to his units, e.g. attacking ground targets and scouting or intercepting enemy forces. Different map views show information like targets in range, flight movements in the monitored zones or civil facilities. Another important aspect of the game is resource management: every base and unit cost resources.

    If these get scarce the player can shut down some bases. If the public mood gets too bad, e.g. because of destroyed civil facilities or food shortage, the player loses his commission and therefore the game.

    Veteran wargamer M. Evan Brooks said it all in his synopsis of the game: “Multi-scenario options for strategic air supremacy in the Middle East. The scenarios themselves were detailed and somewhat esoteric, e.g. Bahrain vs. Qatar (actually not that unrealistic given the political realities). But the speed of the game could not be slowed down (eventually a patch was distributed over electronic bulletin boards).

    Play Air Force Commander online

    You can play Air Force Commander online here, in web browser for free!

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