Syndicate: American Revolt DOS front cover
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    Syndicate: American Revolt

    Syndicate: American Revolt is an expansion developed by Bullfrog for the real-time tactical game Syndicate.

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    American Revolt is an add-on pack to Syndicate. It requires the original game and includes 3 new weapons, 21 new single player missions, and 10 multiplayer missions. Play Syndicate: American Revolt online!

    Syndicate: American Revolt game description

    Syndicate: American Revolt is an expansion set designed for the famous Bullfrog strategy game Syndicate. During the game, the player leads a four-man team of cyborgs through the streets of a dark, dystopian world and through 21 difficult missions.

    The game takes place during the 22nd century, after the events of Syndicate. The entire world is controlled by a mega-corporation called Eurocorp. The company has become extremely wealthy and powerful after inventing the CHIP, which is a cybernetic implant capable of altering the perceptions of human beings so that the reality of a dystopia is perceived as a utopia…

    Play Syndicate: American Revolt online

    You can play Syndicate: American Revolt online here, in web browser for free!

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