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    Brány Skeldalu

    Brány Skeldalu (“Gates of Skeldal“) is a Czech dungeon crawler. The player controls a group of adventurers – at the beginning one has to create three characters. Play Brány Skeldalu online!

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    Rovenland is an ancient island country where gods rested after creating of the world. One day a powerful wizard Freghar sensed that terrible evil grows in the southern part of the Rovenland and with ritual Krow-kane summoned three adventurers. They have to reach mysterious tower of Skeldal and stop five renegade mages who are trying to open gates to forbidden dimension Zohar…

    The gender of the character is determined by clicking on the appropriate portrait (player can choose from seven portraits and this choice also determines the paper-doll that one sees in the inventory); the game then offers the choice of one of the four available classes: Fighter, Wizard, Thief or Ranger. Moving the dot from the center of the octogram, in which diagonal angles are the four main classes, player can create any possible combination of each adjacent classes – for example, it is possible to create pure Wizard or Wizard-Ranger hybrid, but not the Wizard-Fighter hybrid. The position of the dot on the creation chart then determines the number of points one can distribute between the statistics of the character. There are only four base statistics, namely Strength, Magic Use, Agility and Dexterity. The secondary statistics like weapon proficiencies, experience or defenses can change during the gameplay.

    During the game, the player will be able to hire three more NPCs with backstories and agenda. The game also offers the possibility to split the player’s group which is useful for solving puzzles that require pressing several levers or buttons located on different places in the given location. It’s also possible to approach the enemy from different angles. The fighting is turn-based.

    The game was released with map editor enabling players to create their own dungeons and maps. In 2007 the game was released for free and so was the source code.

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