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    Dungeon Master

    Many champions have been sent into the dungeon with the quest to recover Librasulus (the Grey Lord) firestaff. With the firestaff Librasulus can take physical form again and defeat Lord Chaos. The player is Theron, the apprentice of the Grey Lord, that goes into the dungeon with the task to resurrect four champions, and guide them through the dungeon, to find the firestaff and defeat Lord Chaos.

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    Dungeon Master is a realtime role-playing video game featuring a pseudo-3D first-person perspective. Play Dungeon Master online!

    Dungeon Master game description

    Dungeon Master is a role-playing game where the player selects four adventurers and descend into the depths of the dungeon. The gameplay is reminiscent of the 3D dungeon crawl type of role-playing games popularized by Wizardry and The Bard’s Tale. However, unlike these games, Dungeon Master features real-time combat, which requires the player to click on the opponent in order to execute an attack.

    Another notable aspect of the game is its growth system: instead of gathering experience points and leveling up, characters improve by repeatedly using the same action. Spellcasting involves selecting and combining symbols, which can be arranged as rune sequences. The game also allows the player to directly interact with objects in the game world through a point-and-click interface.

    Alternative ending

    If the player finds the firestaff and uses it to defeat Lord Chaos this will be the real ending of the game. But there is also an alternative ending if the player finds the firestaff and then leaves the dungeon without destroying Lord Chaos.

    Play Dungeon Master online

    You can play Dungeon Master online here, in web browser for free!

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