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    Rol Crusaders

    An action RPG.

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    In the age of the crusades, eight noble cavaliers founded the Order of the Temple to fight as crusaders in the name of God. Play Rol Crusaders online!

    They fought with ferocity, reaching great reputation levels among the Christian kingdoms. Their eagerness for discovering new enigmas made them to investigate about the Ark of the Covenant, which legends say it hid a great power on its interior.

    Innocent III, very thankful to the Templars, granted certain privileges to them, something that filled of hate the envious detractors of the Templar power. The worst of those enemies was the Holy Inquisition, which restored a terror reign, getting rid of the rivals on the bonfire. It raised false heresy accusations against them and started a ruthless persecution of the order. The Templars resisted the inquisitor siege, but in the end the order was destroyed.

    Belasco, one of the most powerful inquisitors, made a pact with the Devil in order to seize the secrets of the Templars along with the Holy Ark of the Covenant. Belasco wishes to have it for then offer its legendary power to Satan and to sink the whole world in a big Holocaust of eternal darkness.

    Only the Templar power will be able to end with the Devil, and you will be the arm that will destroy him.

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