Ruins of Cawdor DOS front cover
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    Ruins of Cawdor

    The Ruins of Cawdor was the last of three graphical MUDs for the online community The Sierra Network, which later became The ImagiNation Network.

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    The third installment in the unique multi-user dungeon series by The Sierra Network. Ruins of Cawdor using the same game engine as Shadows of Yserbius and it’s sequel Fates of Twinion, but has absolutely new plot based on Macbeth. In the beginning of the game player creates a character of different guilds: thief, barbarian, cleric, knight, wizard, ranger. Exploring six floors of castle Cawdor adventurer faces numerous battles, solves puzzles, finds secret doors and magic items. Play Ruins of Cawdor online!

    The Ruins of Cawdor is a RPG game from 1995. Get it here.

    This game belongs to one of the three graphical MUD series from Sierra’s The ImagiNation Network.

    So although the game can be played in solo, which is truly hard, it was meant to team up with a group of 4 and walk around.

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