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    Tomb of the TaskMaker

    Tomb of the TaskMaker is a sequel to Storm Impact’s Macintosh RPG TaskMaker. It was released in 1997, and features a 2D RPG game-play style identical to its predecsssor. Play Tomb of the TaskMaker online!

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    Tomb of the TaskMaker is a sequel game to TaskMaker, the 1990s Macintosh Western RPG, from the same creators, Storm Impact. Play Tomb of the TaskMaker online!

    Tomb of the TaskMaker game description

    Set many years after the predecessor, the game now has the player leading the world from Castle Hall following the death of the TaskMaker. As its protector, the player is asked aid from people in neighboring villages. For the first tasks, the player is asked to retrieve objects posessed by monsters that terrorize said villages; after retrieving each item, it is destroyed.

    After a while, the player gets word that the TaskMaker has come back to life. The next task is to retrieve the key to his tomb. Upon arriving at the tomb, the player discovers that the word of the TaskMaker’s rise was a ruse planted by the Captain Guard, who must then be defeated to restore peace in the land.

    The sequel Tomb of the TaskMaker is even better than the great original game. It is bigger, looks prettier, and even allows you to be be one of three classes: fighter, mage, and thief, thereby significantly increasing replayability (which was somewhat lacking in the original TaskMaker, since the maps are static, not randomly generated like Roguelike RPGs.

    The game boasts many features beyond that of its predecessor, including the ability to make the player male or female, and a fighter, mage, or thief. A completely new world is built around Castle Hall, with many new dungeons and villages to explore. The graphics have been dressed up, as well.

    However, it was released in a tight time for the company, and many corners were cut in the development. (See here for further info.) The game never made it past version 1.0 until July 2008, when developer David Cook posted a slightly updated version on his website.

    Play Tomb of the TaskMaker online

    You can play Tomb of the TaskMaker online here, in web browser for free!

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