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    Ys II Special

    Ys II Special is a Korean-made enhanced remake of Ys II. This version has been heavily re-imagined and has many changes in plot, structure, level design and gameplay.

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    The basic plot outlines and thematic locations are the same as in the original version, although additional plot segments have been taken from an Ys anime released two years prior.

    The remake has more detailed graphics, and most of the areas have been completely re-drawn, having a different structure and new enemies. There are also many completely new areas that were not present in the original version, as well as many secret areas.

    Gameplay-wise, the biggest change is the introduction of active attacks executed by pressing a separate button; however, the trademark “bumping” combat can still be performed against weaker enemies. It is now only possible to save in towns, but the player is allowed to restart from the beginning of an area when the protagonist is killed without a penalty.

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