Abuse DOS front cover
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    Abuse is a 2D shooter where you have to shoot throught all the powerfull mutants.The game has stylish and pretty graphics even though it is a 12-year old.

    Play it online!
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    Stunning adventure is waiting for you in Abuse – run and gun adventure developed by Crack dot Com Studio. You can play Abuse online here, in web browser!

    Abuse game description

    Imagine a situation – your name is Nick Vrenna, unjustly imprisoned in a top secret prison full of laboratories, where you and your inmates are Guinea pigs in countless unethical medical experiments performed by prison staff. Suddenly a riot occurs and a horrible virus is released by accident.

    Everybody gets infected and turns into a horrible monster – except you. Fight the hordes of infected monsters and escape from the prison complex!

    Play Abuse online

    Play Abuse online directly in web browser, for free!

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