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    Alien Breed

    Legendary horror action game with lots of levels full of fear and hordes of aliens …

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    Alien Breed is a science fiction shooter and a first of its name in the whole Alien Breed series. It is also considered as legend in horror action genre. Play Alien Breed online here!

    Alien Breed game description

    The game was released in 1991 by Team17 studio, which was also responsible for all upcoming games in the Alien Breed series and also very popular games Worms and Army men. Alien Breed series is obviously inspired by Alien movies, but unofficially.

    Alien Breed is a legendary horror action game with tons of aliens and blood!

    The story tkaes place on a space station ISRC-4, attacked by aliens. Only two marines survived – Johnson and Stone. Your role? Help them survive and take down as many aliens as you can!

    The PC version of Alien Breed is an enhanced version of the Amiga’s Alien Breed: Special Edition 92. It includes all 12 of that game’s levels and intersperses them with half a dozen all-new stages.

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