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    Jazz Jackrabbit

    Play Jazz Jackrabbit online, in a web browser! Beautiful adventure with Jazz Jackrabbit, princess, tons of turtles and evil Devan Shella.

    Play it online!
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    Epic MegaGames is a well-known company. They have developed a brilliant games like Jill of the Jungle, One Must Fall or Unreal. Today’s reviewed Jazz Jackrabbit has also been very successful for its originality, strenuousness and humor. And you can play Jazz Jackrabbit online here, in web browser! Let’s break it down!

    Legendary action arcade with Jazz!

    Jazz Jackrabbit game description

    The story of the game is classically unusual – save princess Eva Earlong and defeat the leader of turtles terrorists – Devan Shella. The game is based on six episodes. There are three worlds to explore in each episode (of course, the game is linear, but sometimes you can determine the progress in the level yourself).
    There are two levels in every world. And each leves has one checkpoint to save your progress. The speed of the game depends on you. You don’t have to rush anywhere. The game will not let you do it anyway. It is hard as hell!

    What does the word “hard as hell” mean? There are 4 levels of difficulty. And the experienced players will have problems with the second “difficulty”. Opponents will be harder to defeat, you will have the less life.

    The graphics of the game are incredibly beautiful! Epic, two years from the last Jill of the Jungle, flew at rocket speed to the very end of the universe. The design level is different on each planet, which is incredible. And I am talking about 28 planets! This gives us more than 56 levels. With Jazz, you’ll travel from sunny planets full of obnoxious objects, through robotic and industrial areas to the final rounds on the mother ship. Epic has an incredible fantasy.

    Play Jazz Jackrabbit online

    You can play Jazz Jackrabbit online here, in web browser and for free! Let’s save the princess now!

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