Flying Tigers DOS front cover
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    Flying Tigers

    A typical overhead shooter in the spirit of Raiden or 1942, Flying Tigers is quite a terribly piece of a game.

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    Flying Tigers is a scrolling shooter DOS game similar to Raptor or Raiden. Play Flying Tigers online!

    Flying Tigers game description

    Flying Tigers is a simple overhead shooter in the spirit of Raiden and Raptor. In the year 2047, a terrorist organization has developed technology that allowed them to travel back in past. They contacted the Axis powers in 1943 and started selling weapons to them in an attempt to conquer the world. An elite group of fighters known as the Flying Tigers are sent to put an end to this nefarious plan.

    With amateur graphics, bad programming technique and aweful level design coupled with amazingly bad controls and ridiculously oldskool gameplay, Flying Tigers is truly a sight to be seen – then deleted. I reckon the only truly good thing about this game is its music, which is actually surprisingly good.

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    You can play Flying Tigers online here, in web browser for free!

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