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    Sky & Rica

    “Sky & Rica: The Prelude” is a shooter arcade game made in 1995 by Softmax from South Korea.

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    Sky & Rica (Sky & Rica: The Prelude) is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up with “cute” visuals (a so-called “cute-em-up“). The player can control either Sky or Rica in a single-player game, or join forces with another player and control both on the same screen. Play Sky & Rica online!

    Sky & Rica game description

    The game’s seven stages consist of various themes and are populated by colorful creatures that attack the protagonists from air or land. Power-ups change the properties of the default weapon, allowing Sky or Rica to shoot in two or three directions and increasing firepower. The player an also select a type of “options”, i.e. orbs that attach themselves to the fighter craft and assist the heroes in battle.

    Astro is a bizarre realm where all natural environment and living creatures are controlled by the super-powerful computer Lucifer. For years the computer has been preserving peace in the world, but the rebellious Dr. Saradin organized a coup, seizing control of the computer and assaulting towns and countryside with his twisted creations. Testing a magic fighter craft made by Dr. Esiry, the boy Sky and the girl Rica decide to stop Dr. Saradin and restore peace in the world.

    Play Sky & Rica online

    You can play Sky & Rica online here, in web browser for free!

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