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    Solar Winds: The Escape

    Solar Winds: The Escape is a space saga. You are Jake Stone, a mercenary for hire. Go around the galaxy, make money, destroy ships, smuggle cargo, upgrade your ship and uncover a sinister plot.

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    Solar Winds I & II were top down, space-based action games released in the early-1990s. Play Solar Winds: The Escape online!

    Solar Winds: The Escape game description

    In Solar Winds, you are Jake Stone, a bounty hunter who – through several missions – uncovers a secret coalition between the government of your home solar system and a race of unidentified aliens. Upon further investigation, you find out that, in fact, there is more than one solar system involved… And what is really happening is that three easily-provoked races are being held by a more technologically advanced race in a small cluster of solar systems, and kept there by a force field around them. Hyperdrive technology has been sabotaged, and the ‘keys’ – jump points between solar systems – kept secret.

    In the second game, Solar Winds II, you are Jake Stone, again, and now you are in a zoo. 7 systems have been set up by members of the same race that rescued you and each system contains a species. They are monitored and pushed and prodded, and through a series of jobs that take you from one system to another you are contacted by the same resistors that rescued you previously. They help smuggle you outside of the barriers where you destroy the controller and free all the captive races.

    Play Solar Winds: The Escape online

    You can play Solar Winds: The Escape online here, in web browser for free!

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