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    Solar Winds: Galaxy

    In The Escape, humans live in a solar system millions of light years from Earth. Space travel is common, but hyperdrive research is restricted: any research pertaining to hyperdrive travel is destroyed by the oppressive solar government. However, one group has spent a decade in secret developing a hyperdrive ship and plans to use it to escape the force field encasing their solar system. The government hires Stone to stop them.

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    A Scrolling shooter game Solar Winds: Galaxy is a sequel to Solar Winds: The Escape, you play the role of Jake Stone, a bounty hunter seeking to save his people from destruction. Play Solar Winds: Galaxy online!

    Solar Winds: Galaxy game description

    After being lead into a death trap by your Government, you managed to escape your solar system with the aid of a strange portal. Upon arriving at your destination, you were left waiting for a contact that would help you return home. Now, a year later, the time has come…

    You will travel around the galaxy accepting missions in exchange for machinery to upgrade your ship, meeting many beings eager to help or destroy you. It’s up to you to determine who you can trust.

    In Universe, Jake Stone continues his work with these agitators to disrupt the portals. Meanwhile, a human colony fleet from Earth is heading for the force field surrounding Earth’s solar system. Ultimately Stone is able to work for the enemy to get close enough to destroy the Controller that maintains the force fields and portals, thus freeing these worlds.

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    You can play Solar Winds: Galaxy online here, in web browser for free!

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