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    Tubular Worlds

    Tubular Worlds was a fairly popular shareware side-scrolling shooter which was commercially released in 1994. Play Tubular Worlds online!

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    Tubular Worlds is a fairly popular shareware side-scrolling shooter that unfortunately is never well-known in the United States.

    The game features a variety of weapons and enemies. It is divided into four worlds and each of them consists of four stages. Gameplay is rather basic and there are many similarities to “R-Type”. The game can be played by one or two simultaneous players on three different difficulty levels.

    The game features veriety of weapons and enemies in 4 different episodes totalling 16 levels. As the official page describes the plot: “You play the role of a senior cadet at the country’s elite school for fighter pilots. Your final exam involves flying the gauntlet of four virtual cyber worlds and destroying the Warlords encountered there. Be warned!

    At the end of each combat segment a very powerful Warlord will be waiting for you!”

    Banal, surely, but a plot isn’t what great shooters are made of, and fortunately Tubular Worlds is no exception.

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