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    After Burner II

    A Z-axis shoot ’em up from Sega that features a F-14 Tomcat jet fighter and incredible speeds. Like the racing game OutRun, After Burner II would become a huge success for Sega in the Arcades.

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    After Burner II is an updated re-release of shoot ’em up action game After Burner. Besides extra levels, a few new enemies, a few touches at the soundtrack and more disposable missiles, the biggest addition is the ability to slow down or speed up manually. The rest of the gameplay remains identical. Play After Burner II online!

    After Burner II game description

    After Burner II is a Z-axis shoot ’em up with a F-14 Tomcat fighter jet and the sequel to Sega’s After Burner. Using Sega’s revolutionary sprite-scaling technology, the After Burner games would increase the velocity of the player’s craft to almost dizzying levels as they attempted to avoid missiles and other airborne threats in intense air missions.

    Best known for its Arcade version, which could be played in a specially-designed sit-down cabinet shaped like the jet’s cockpit, the game would also see multiple home versions for various Sega and non-Sega systems. Many of these home versions struggle to match the speed of the original Arcade After Burner II: a common issue with Sega’s sprite-scaling Arcade games. The 1996 Sega Saturn conversion is one of the few to be considered “Arcade perfect”, as it operated on the same code.

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    You can play After Burner II online here, in web browser for free!

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