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    Crime City

    Crime City is an arcade brawler/shooter.

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    Crime City is rampant with evil organizations and criminal activity. Crimes such as robberies, burglaries, smuggling, kidnappings, and drug dealing have become commonplace. The local police force can no longer control the city, so Tony Gibson and Raymond Brady are called in to restore law and order to the city. Play Crime City online!

    Crime City game description

    This is a one- or two-player horizontal action game where the goal is to find the gang leaders in the game’s six stages and arrest them. Each stage is segmented into different scenes, and is littered with objects that the player can hide behind when dealing with the criminals. The player can use a variety of moves and pick up several weapons and power-ups along the way as he disarms the criminals that get in their way.

    The story in Crime City is a very simple one. The player is a cop that must find and take down various gang leaders in order to complete an objective. The games six levels are separate miniature stories that tie into the overall objective of arresting the gang leaders.

    Play Crime City online

    You can play Crime City online here, in web browser for free!

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