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    Total Carnage

    A bloody arcade shooter developed by Midway Games, which follows the exploits of two soldiers out to kill General Akhboob.

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    Total Carnage is an Arcade top-down dual-joystick shooter and is often seen as a spiritual successor to Midway’s earlier Smash TV. It was developed by Mark Turmell who was also the lead designer for Smash TV. Play Total Carnage online!

    Total Carnage game description

    Total Carnage is a bloody shooter that plays from a overhead perspective. One to two players can enter a game, and the goal is to shoot all enemies on screen. Each character can face all directions on the screen, and their only ability is to shoot. Different weapons can be collected that will give the players extra power. Each level will have them shooting through small enemies, and they will eventually meet a boss. Each boss is a large mutant monster that has a specific weak point to defeat them. There is the occasional mini game which will have the player pressing a button rapidly. One of the mini games has them attempting the execute General Ackhboob in an electric chair.

    Total Carnage storyline

    The war of 1999 left the country of Kookistan in shambles. Naturally, a dictator named General Akhboob took control of the beleagured nation and began creating an army of radioactive mutants. With a virtually impenetrable stronghold, a bunch of hostages, and a legion of mutants under his command, the evil despot will stop at nothing but world domination. Only two men have the courage and idealistic naivete to take on Akhboob and his forces: Captain Carnage and Major Mayhem, also known as the Doomsday Squad.

    As Captain Carnage or Major Mayhem, it is up to you or you and a friend (in simultaneous action) to rescue the hostages while shooting hundreds of mutants bent on your destruction. As you walk and run forward, backward, left, right, and diagonally through 20 battlezones of nonstop action, you’ll always have your machine gun by your side. Additional weapons which you can find along the way include grenade launchers, rocket launchers, plasma machine guns, flame throwers, spray-fire rifles, defensive blades, and an assortment of bombs.

    Play Total Carnage online

    You can play Total Carnage online here, in web browser for free!

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