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    Dr. Sbaitso

    Less of a traditional game and more of a cross between a benchmark tool and a time waster, Dr. Sbaitso was a talking artificial AI program that came with early Sound Blaster cards. He posed as a psychiatrist, but many of the answers Sbaitso gave the player were rambling and nonsensical.

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    Dr. Sbaitso is an artificial intelligence speech synthesis program released late in 1991 by Creative Labs for MS DOS-based personal computers. Play Dr. Sbaitso online!

    Dr. Sbaitso was distributed with various sound cards manufactured by Creative Labs (the name was an acronym for Sound Blaster Artificial Intelligent Text to Speech Operator) in the early 1990s.

    The program “conversed” with the user as if it were a psychologist, though most of its responses were along the lines of “WHY DO YOU FEEL THAT WAY?” rather than any sort of complicated interaction. When confronted with a phrase it could not understand, it would often reply with something such as “THAT’S NOT MY PROBLEM“. Dr. Sbaitso repeated text out loud that was typed after the word “SAY“. Repeated swearing or abusive behavior on the part of the user caused Dr. Sbaitso to “break down” in a “PARITY ERROR” before resetting itself.

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