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    Epic Baseball

    A baseball management and coaching simulator.

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    Epic Baseball is a baseball management and coaching simulator. The game allows for Exhibition Play as well as League Play. In Exhibition play you will select both teams playing and where they’re playing. In League Play you will guide a single team through the majors. Play Epic Baseball online!

    Epic Baseball game description

    There are also options to modify schedules and playbooks. Once a game starts, you as the coach, can select who will play and how they will play. The action on the field is automatic but you will determine for example whether a hitter will play aggressively or will bunt and whether a pitcher will throw curves or ball the player to base. The game’s graphical depictions of baseball are optional and a coach can simply opt out of them and see the final scores.

    The shareware edition of the game is limited to five historic teams, exhibition games only and no modifications of playbooks or schedules. The Deluxe edition of the game has: all officially licensed MLBPA players and teams, League Play, League Utilities allowing you to manage league and teams, Reports which you can generate, view and print, Schedule Editor which lets you make up your own schedules. The Mega-Pack edition of the game includes all the aforementioned plus all National League & American League stadiums as well as General Manager/Owner disk that allows for creation of your own manager profile. As well, this disk lets you trade players and rearrange teams as you see fit.

    Play Epic Baseball online

    You can play Epic Baseball online here, in web browser for free!

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