Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino DOS front cover
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    Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino

    Crazy Nick’s Pick: Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino was a mini game included with the Leisure Suit Larry Collector’s Edition / Leisure Suit Larry’s Greatest Hits and Misses, Leisure Suit Larry Collection Series and Leisure Suit Larry Ultimate Pleasure Pack collections.

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    Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino is one of the five Nick’s Picks budget games by Sierra. It consists of three casino mini-games: Slot machine, Black Jack and Poker. You start with 100.00 Larry Dollars to gamble with during the games. In the case you loose everything a loan is possible, You play with the hand of Larry and operate the buttons. During the mini-games you get more information about the bets / odds in a text window. Play Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino online!

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