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    Silent Hunter: Commander’s Edition

    Silent Hunter: Commander’s Edition gives players a chance to control a US submarine in WWII and engage both the Imperial Japanese Navy and the civilian ships.

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    Silent Hunter Commander’s Edition is the compilation of the original Silent Hunter and patrol disks (expansion packs) 1, 2, and 3. Play Silent Hunter: Commander’s Edition online!

    Patrol disk 3 adds two more patrol zones, Aleutian Islands and Java Sea. Fifteen additional historical scenarios are included. Over 40 ships, military and civilian, are accurately depicted, as are 15 zones of areas like the Solomons and the Sea of Japan. Gameplay includes WWII film footage, cinematics, narration, and a realistic torpedo data computer. Players will take on historical missions and hypothetical situations during a career mode.

    Silent Hunter is a World War II U.S. Fleet Submarine Combat Simulator. As a commander of a U.S. submarine in the Pacific Theatre, from Pearl Harbor to the end of the war, you have a variety of submarines from which to choose and your task is simple, sink as much enemy tonnage as possible.

    One can play historical missions, hypothetical encounters or the career based campaign game. There are 9 patrol zones, from the Solomons to the Sea of Japan, and many coastal cities, ports and harbors to sneak into on either recon missions or to just sink ships tied up in port. As commander you may receive medals or commendations after especially successful or hazardous missions.

    Compare your tonnage and kill scores to those of actual commanders of the period and see if you can match up to the best.

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