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    SimLife was a genetic diversification simulator from Will Wright and Maxis. Create new life forms, introduce them to a planet’s ecosystem, and watch them flourish or become extinct.

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    SimLife is a complex game in which you can create your own ecosystems, animals or vegetables, then watch them eat, evolve, mate, or die. Play SimLife online!

    SimLife game description

    Feel free to create funky animals! How about a giant snail that would have to eat several trees each day to survive – or a small kangaroo that would lay eggs and eat only bugs? You can even edit their DNA code, and make your animals mutate.

    SimLife: The Genetic Playground was a relatively successful attempt by Maxis to produce an ecosystem simulator, allowing the player to design their own planetary ecosystem based on basic laws of physics which they could control in regards to a planetary climate, such as radiation, gravity, heat, light, and so forth.

    The object of the game was to successfully produce a stable Earth-like planetary ecosystem and populate it with plants and animals either provided by the game or created by the players themselves, a task which required great patience and a meticulous nature, as the animals could be tweaked in dozens of ways using slider controls, and would easily perish if conditions for their survival weren’t perfect.

    Like most of Maxis‘ early Sim games, many fans simply had more fun destroying theirs and others’ creations than building upon them endlessly, and SimLife catered to that crowd as well, giving players the ability to call down devastating disasters such as brush fires, floods, and meteor impacts that would drastically alter the world’s topology, climate, and radiation levels, occasionally causing drastic genetic mutations in the offspring of the surviving animals. Additionally, the player was able to produce incredibly voracious, hardy animals with extremely high birth rates, which would quickly multiply beyond control, devouring the biomass of the planet (both animal and plant alike), and would then turn on their own as cannibals, leaving behind nothing but a barren rock of a world from what was once a verdent eden.

    Play SimLife online

    You can play SimLife online here, in web browser for free!

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