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    Jammit is a very entertaining arcade-style basketball game that almost perfectly captures the flavor and atmosphere of “street” basketball that is very popular in the US. Play Jammit online!

    Play it online!
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    Jammit is a strictly basketball game. It has a black-basketball theme (as seen in a lot of odd American movies) and has a myriad of game options (one on one, group etc.). Also, it has a betting option, but other than that it’s your typical run-of-the-mill basketball game.

    Play Jammit online!

    In contrast to normal team basketball, street basketball is one-on-one, with no complex rules to keep track of, and hardly any referee. This means that jostling, pushing, and tripping your opponent on your way to the basket is perfectly legitimate, and Jammit does a a great job of translating that no-holds-barred, knuckle-blistering action onto the computer screen.

    The main objective of the one-player game is to win a tournament that has been set up with the best street ball players around. There are 3 main players you can choose from, each with his or her own style of playing, including different strengths and weaknesses.

    After you choose your character, you go through eight rounds of play, first starting with a normal one-on-one action. There are six other games that are variants of this basic mode, including sweat, 2 shot, poison, slams only, in 2 it, frenzy, and cutthroat.

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