NBA Live 95 DOS front cover
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    NBA Live 95

    Play NBA Live 95 online! NBA Live 95 is the first of the NBA Live video games series. The cover featured an action shot of the 1994 NBA Finals.

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    The first of the NBA Live titles on the PC, NBA Live 95 includes all of the basketball players from the ’94 – ’95 season as well as the All-Star teams from the East and West.

    Manage over 300 players using the General Manager feature, new in this edition. Statistics for each player and team are saved. View players and teams side-by-side to compare stats and other information. You can trade any player in the league.

    Multiple in-game settings let you choose the mode of play, the style, and even the length of a quarter or session. Full motion videos bring your plays to life onscreen. Listen to the crowd roar, the noises of the court and hoop, and voices of the players.

    There is also a soundtrack of modern music. The DOS version includes support for 2 graphics resolutions: Normal mode (low res) 320×200 or Wide Angle (high res) 640×480. Gameplay can be controlled using the keyboard, mouse or joystick.

    The game was the first Official NBA simulation to introduce the ability to create customized fictional teams and create copies of existing players, as well as a Create-a-Player function for users to make themselves in the game. It is also notable for being the first NBA video game to not feature Charles Barkley, as he began holding out on signing a licensing agreement due to the lack of pay to retired players from the NBAPA.

    Play NBA Live 95 online

    You can play NBA Live 95 online here, in a web browser for free!

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