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    Links 386 Pro

    Links 386 Pro was a great Golf simulation at its time. It is the second title in the Links series which came out in 1992.

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    Links 386 Pro is a golf simulation sports game for MS-DOS released in 1992, part of the Links series. The Macintosh version, Links Pro, was released in 1993. Microsoft Golf 1.0-3.0 is a version of Links 386 Pro designed to run directly under Microsoft Windows. Play Links 386 Pro online!

    Links 386 Pro game description

    The follow up to Links – The Challenge of Golf, Links 386 Pro features Harbour Town Golf Links course. Numerous improvements included photo-realistic SVGA graphics, improved physics, split screens, male/female golfers with different shirt colors, and enhanced sound effects. The

    Players select a male or female character and their clothing. They select the level of play (beginner, amateur, and pro) and tee position. The player can control character direction and foot position, and the shot is controlled by a swing meter, held to the top for power and released and clicked again as it swings back to the bottom for direction – early will hook and late will slice. Players can select from multiple views, split the screen, and record shots. Shots can be repeated (a mulligan) and short putts taken (a gimme).

    Play Links 386 Pro online

    You can play Links 386 Pro online here, in web browser for free!

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