Fort Apache DOS front cover
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    Fort Apache

    Fort Apache is a turn-based strategy game set in the Wild West, graphically similar to The Charge of the Light Brigade or Cohort. Play Fort Apache online!

    Play it online!
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    The player is a new captain at Fort Apache – America’s fortress. He commands groups of soldiers (up to 44 units under his command), and his forces fight against Indians, Mexicans, or thieves. He gives commands that the soldiers perform after clicking the turn button.

    Possible actions, like movement, shooting, rearrangement or dismount, are available from the sidebar.

    Fort Apache depicts the exotic battle between the US troopers and the Taco bandits during the Gold Rush of 1880s. You will also have to deal with rogue gold prospectors who are violating the boundaries between US and native Indian settlements. The AI is not much improved from the previous Micro Miniature games, and the muddled user interface is left intact.

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