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    Trade-based strategy game from the future!

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    In the future, the resources of the Earth are depleted. Therefore a giant company named Dynatech was created to secure the demands of Earth through the discovery and development of distant worlds. Play Dynatech online!

    The player is a business man, who wants to have a share of the huge profits that are to be made by this policy. To achieve this goal, he can buy facilities and spaceships from the Dynatech corporation. The player must compete in the interplanetary market and sometimes in cooperation with the opponents to extract the raw material and develop customer products, food or machines.

    The game is very trade-based and concentrates around the logistics of a demand-and-supply economy. There are no further gameplay options like piracy or combat, it focuses only on trade and production. The game runs in real-time and can be played by two players at once on computer. It can be compared to the modern Patrician series or the The Port Royale series.

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