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    Gnome Alone

    In Gnome Alone, the player takes the role of the gnome Grobble whose attempt at a robbery failed. His sentence: garden work. Only after reaching a certain amount of effectiveness, the next level can be tackled.

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    Gnome Alone (The Magic Garden) is a little-known PC conversion of a little-known Amiga game, developed by UK house Visionaires. Play Gnome Alone online!

    Gnome Alone game description

    In this unique action/strategy game, you play a gnome who, other than being alone, is trying to keep his garden and greenhouse free from pests and grumpy other gnomes who constantly sneak in to steal the flowers. Your objective is to plant the flowers, then deal with snails and various other pests that are harmful to them, but also your health. Get stung too many times, and it’s game over for you and your garden.

    There are also other factors you need to take into account, the most important of which is the weather. The game shows you a five-day weather forecast in the bottom of the screen, as well as the current temperature in the lower left hand corner. If it rains, then your flowers will do well. If it’s too sunny, it’s your job to give them some water to survive.

    Although it’s a unique game based on an original concept and gameplay, Gnome Alone ultimate is too repetitive to hold anyone’s attention for long. The types of flowers, pests, and other creatures are not diverse enough, and there is no surprise in store after you know what all the items in your inventory is for. Also, the garden is quite small, and if you don’t like flowers to begin with, you will find the game boring quite quickly 😉

    Recommended for its novel premise, but not much else.

    Play Gnome Alone online

    You can play Gnome Alone online here, in web browser for free!

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