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    Man of War

    Man of War recreates wood ship battles during the American Revolution to the Napoleonic Wars.

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    Man Of War is comprised of two distinct sections, the turn based setup and plotting stage and the real-time action phase. In the setup and plotting stage, players can choose to play either a historical scenario or a customized scenario. Play Man of War online!

    From a map of the chosen battle, players survey the strength of their fleet, analyze the weakness of the enemy and contemplate stategy. During setup the appropriate pre-battle doctrine is set and first orders are issued through a flag system of command. When the planning is complete, Man Of War’s real-time action phase puts the player on the deck of the flagship in a first-person perspective. Players can move about freely to watch the outcome of their orders from any vantage point on the ship’s deck. In a phase that lasts up to four minutes, players will experience the roar of the cannons, the impact of a broadsice and a changing enviorment of 16 diffrent weather conditions.

    When the four minute turn is compete, play will return to the plotting stage where damage and fleet movement is assessed and new orders are issued. When the final orders are given and the last cannon has fired, the Victory Summary will display the results of the battle and proclaim the victor.

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