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    D-Day: America Invades

    D-Day: America Invades is a strategic wargame from WWII.

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    D-Day: America Invades is a turn-based strategy wargame set in the campaign of the American VII corps on the Cotentin peninsula….well, D-Day. Spiritual successor to V for Victory: Utah Beach. Play D-Day: America Invades online!

    D-Day: America Invades game description

    You can play in either the allied or german side as you play on a series of pre-made scenarios or full campaign mode using the Avalon Hill’s Worlds at War rules and game mechanics. Also included are a series of historical variants which can be turned on or off for each scenario.

    Graphics are 2D SVGA and the game includes modem support for two players head-to-head action.

    To move the units, click and hold down then drag to were you want them to go. To attack an enemy unit, click and drag onto the enemy. You can also perform air strikes and shoot from ships.

    Winning a scenario was a real let down. There are no fireworks, no celebrations and no patriotic “You have Won!” messages. All that happens is that you get returned back to game map. There is a red and white bar at the bottom of the screen that shows who has supremacy. At the end of the scenario, if your color prevails, that means that you have Won!

    Play D-Day: America Invades online

    You can play D-Day: America Invades online here, in web browser for free!

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