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    D-Day: The Beginning of the End

    D-Day: The Beginning of the End, is a time-based war game in which the player has an opportunity to emerge victorious as either the Allied or Axis forces. In main, already generated, campaigns that begin in mid 1944s, the game covers the period of time from the Normandy invasion to the fall of Berlin.

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    D-Day: The Beginning of the End is a turn-based strategy game. Play D-Day: The Beginning of the End online!

    D-Day: The Beginning of the End game description

    The pivotal battle of World War 2 is recreated using Impressions’ Micro Miniatures wargaming system. You take an overall command of the units by directing them, and can play out the individual battles yourself if you wish. The screen display uses letters to indicate the unit type, with only functional use of graphics and sound throughout.

    The gameplay is turn-based, with you selecting each move for your units before activating them and letting the computer do the same. The strategic considerations include the surrounding terrain, whether the enemy forces are fortified and ready for your attack, unit morale, unit fatigue and remaining movement points. At higher difficulty levels your orders may not be followed to the letter, as the more ambitious or arrogant generals attempt their own plans.

    There are two main modes of play that complement each other and lead to an overall realistic look at the beginning of the end of WWII. The first mode is a turn-based, campaign-level game where your army is maneuvered across Western Europe to gain positional strength. When battles occur the game switches to a Micro Miniatures mode, which focuses on a specific battle.

    This is a complex, innovative and, to my mind either underestimated game or dedicated to a certain type of gamers like myself who like to make long-term strategies and have full control on the battlefield they are playing. I claim it because not every player enjoys lengthy gameplays when all you do are doing is moving your numerous units around (in both modes). Patience and time consumption is the price for completing this game, however, as I said before, there are such gamers that can commit themselves to this lengthy task and have fun. Nevertheless, to a product of SSI of 1994‘s it‘s conception is a truly deep one.

    As for graphics in this game, well, it is no wonder and does not shine in any aspect; however, it shows everything you want to see in quite a pleasant manner. I mean, when you play this game, you SEE that you are playing a military game.

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    You can play D-Day: The Beginning of the End online here, in web browser for free!

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