Empire: Wargame of the Century DOS front cover
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    Empire: Wargame of the Century

    Empire is a turn based strategy game where the player founds cities and build armies in order to achieve world domination.

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    The object of the game is simple – gain control of the entire world by using your armies to crush your opponents. You’ll start off with a city, which must then produce armies, that are used to conquer more cities. Play Empire: Wargame of the Century online!

    Empire: Wargame of the Century game description

    The array of unit types is limited to eight, including various ships, fighter planes, ground units and a submarine. This is more than made up for by the significantly different abilities each of the units possess, and the game will mostly likely appeal to the Chess and Risk player’s of the world.

    The game is presented from a top down perspective with a world map and is turn based, players start the game in control of one city and use this city to build armies to conquer other cities. The goal is to eventually take over the world.

    The exact era of the game is unspecified, but the player can construct infantry, battleships, planes and submarines implying a somewhat contemporary setting.

    Play Empire: Wargame of the Century online

    You can play Empire: Wargame of the Century online here, in web browser for free!

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