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    Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia

    A turn based strategy game that covers the Russo-German war of 1941-1945. The game has 3 campaign starting points: 1941 (the beginning of Operation Barbarossa), 1942 (the renewed German effort to push into the old fields of the Russian Caucus) and 1943 (the last series of major offensives launched by Germany in the east). The end date for all scenarios is July 1945.

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    Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia is a World War 2 turn-based strategy game covering the war on the eastern front from 1941 to 1945. Play Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia online!

    Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia game description

    Game-scale is set to corps level (Russian corps-level units are army sized). Both, Russian and German, sides can be played. The player has full control over all aspects of the war including production of war material. The forces of both side are simulated into detail and you can review your divisions up to squad/tank level.

    There are several different starting points available, for example 22 Jun 1941 (Operation Barbarossa) or 5 Jul 1943 (Operation Zitadelle; Battle of Kursk). Events on other fronts (North Africa, Italy, Western Front) are also simulated and can be influenced indirectly by the player. The axis player will also have to deal with the strategic bombing campaign of allied bomber fleets.

    Play Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia online

    You can play Gary Grigsby’s War in Russia online here, in web browser for free!

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