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    Lords of the Realm II

    Lords of the Realm II is very different from many medieval strategy games. There is no magic, and unlike many strategy games, it has no technology tree. Players need to carefully manage food (cows, dairy, grain), population, and happiness levels whilst avoiding Malthusian population meltdowns or other players invading their counties.

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    Lords of the Realm II is a computer turn-based strategy game for MS-DOS published by Sierra Entertainment and developed by Impressions Games. It was first released for the PC on October 31, 1996, and is the second game in the Lords of the Realm series.

    The game takes place in a medieval setting, with rulers of several counties warring for the right to be king of the land. Players grow crops, accumulate resources, manufacture weapons, manage armies, build and lay siege to castles, and attempt to conquer their enemies.

    Lords of the Realm II game description

    Lords of the Realm II is a mixture of turn-based county and economic management and real-time combat.

    As the game begins, the king has died and 5 nobles (including yourself) are vying for control of the realm, including the noble Baron, the headstrong Knight, the ice princess The Countess, and the backstabbing Bishop. You have to hold on to your counties by building larger castles and keeping the peasantry happy and well-fed.

    When you engage your enemy in battle is when the real fun starts. You are given a Warcraft-type view of the battlefield with the units in your army and have to either get them to retreat (a rarity) or kill every last one of the little buggers. In a siege, you can end the battle by capturing the enemy’s flag or dispatching all of your opponents soldiers to the great big Realm in the sky.

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