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    Machiavelli: The Prince

    Merchant Prince/Machiavelli is one of the very few strategy games that gave you partial information and very few games since have picked up that torch. Fog of war generally applies to enemy troop positions, of course, but map information in strategy games is generally either perfect or perfectly unknown. Exploring is less about moving hesitantly to what you think is there and more about walking boldly into the darkness because you know that the next civilization can’t be too close or that no one ever starts more than a few seconds from a gold mine.

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    Machiavelli: The Prince is turn-based strategy video game released in 1995, and the second release in the Merchant Prince video game series. Play Machiavelli: The Prince online!

    Machiavelli: The Prince game description

    Machiavelli the Prince is set in a time of history when Venice, Italy, was the focus of world trade and expansion. Other nations banded together to try and control the threat posed by this powerful nation. Your main goal is to be the wealthiest trader in Venice at game’s end through conquest, political maneuvering, and trade. The trade aspect requires you to explore the world, finding new trade routes and discovering valuable goods and commodities as you use the basic tenets of supply and demand to grow wealth. As you explore, you encounter various obstacles from natural catastrophes to enemies, such as pirates, rival cities, and stubborn rulers.

    Successful completion of your mission will require involvement at the base level with the Church of Rome and the political figures of the day. Bribery and slander will be but two of the tools used in manipulating your environment.

    This game is a remake of the popular trading simulation Merchant Prince.

    You take control over one of the most influential families in the 14th century. From their hometown Venice, Italy, they controlled most of the sea and land trade of this era.

    The games main ideas a very well done and are based on Niccoló Machiavelli´s famous book “The Prince” which analyzed the political and religious situation in the the 14th century.

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    You can play Machiavelli: The Prince online here, in web browser for free!

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