V for Victory: Velikiye Luki DOS front cover
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    V for Victory: Velikiye Luki

    This scenario pack covers the Soviet offensive against the German occupation during the Battle for Velikiye Luki in late 1942.

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    V for Victory: Velikiye Luki game description

    The cold arctic wind stings your hands and face – and the winter is just beginning. It is the second winter of the Russo-German war…a time of desperate, fluid battles of punch and counter punch, siege and rescue, amid the frozen swamps and lakes of north-central Russia.

    V for Victory: Velikiye Luki takes the series East to the Russian Front of WWII. As the German commander, you must rescue your encircled forces that are holding out at the ancient fortress town of Velikiye Luki, while protecting the Vitebsk – Leningrad railroad, vital to the supply of Army Group North. Or, as the Russian commander, you must take Velikiye Luki and advance to the railroad, to cut off and destroy the Fascist invaders.

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