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    Warlords II Scenario Builder

    Warlords II Scenario Builder is an addon for Warlords II where you can create your own maps and scenarios.

    Play it online!
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    After many fan requests, developer SSG released a Scenario Builder for the turn-based strategy game Warlords II. Play Warlords II Scenario Builder online!

    Warlords II Scenario Builder game description

    The separately sold program allows drawing custom-made lands with a comfortable map editor, as well as painting new unit and city icons with a crude graphics editor. You may change unit characteristics, create new items and edit almost any scenario text down to the city descriptions. However, the Scenario Builder won’t let you change terrain graphics or any game mechanics.

    With the Scenario Builder come 24 new scenarios, many with new graphics sets, ranging from the conquest of medieval England to a jungle world to an invasion from outer space.

    Installing the Scenario Builder automatically updates Warlords II to version 1.11, which includes some gameplay tweaks, most notably the slightly more flexible random map generator. Further improved versions of Warlords II and the Scenario Builder are bundled in the Warlords II Deluxe package.

    Play Warlords II Scenario Builder online

    You can play Warlords II Scenario Builder online here, in web browser for free!

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