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    Fragile Alliance

    The player begins the game as the latest recruit to TetraCorps mining franchise operation and is tasked with selling as much ore as possible to the Federation, which is a coalition of six of the seven known alien cultures: the Terrans, the Artemia, the Mikotaj, the Achean Gatherings, the Braccatia and the Rigellians. The Federation was inaugurated in 2439 following a coup deposing the last Terran Emperor Dramon Salaria in 2437 and was established to encourage commercial competition rather than full-scale wars between its constituent parties.

    Play it online!
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    Fragile Allegiance is an open-ended 4X real-time strategy (RTS) game from Gremlin Interactive, released in 1996 for MS-DOS and Windows 95. Play Fragile Alliance online!

    Fragile Alliance game description

    In this game, as the new employee of TetraCorp, it is your job to colonize asteroids and make them successful mining colonies. You start with one asteroid to mold into the shape you see fit. Then you must break out into the great unknown, colonizing nearby asteroids. Soon, you must sell your precious ore to the Federal Ore Transporter. Once you get enough ore, money, and time, you must create massive fleets of warships, for you are not alone. The Mauna will try to destroy you. However, the other races despise them as much as you. Negotiate peace treaties, Joint Combat treaties, and hire agents to sabotage the enemy. May the best man win.

    Fragile Allegiance has a simplistic combat system with the player having no direct control over units when a fleet enters combat. Enemy asteroids can be attacked using ships, missiles and agents. During a battle, laser beams criss-cross the screen and buildings catch fire before being destroyed. Ground turrets fire back at attacking ships and anti-missile turrets shoot out incoming missiles.

    Small ships are built in a ship yard while the larger ships require a space dock for construction. Ships range from the small Scoutship (used to discover new asteroids), to the gigantic Command Cruiser (which is used for transporting combat fleets over vast distances that they would otherwise be unable to travel without refueling). Each ship has a limited number of hardpoints to which weapons and other devices can be attached, and ships can be grouped together into fleets.

    There are a total of seven races in the game, but only TetraCorp (representing the human race) is playable.

    Play Fragile Alliance online

    You can play Fragile Alliance online here, in web browser for free!

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