Asterix: Operation Getafix DOS front cover
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    Asterix: Operation Getafix

    Getafix has been hit on the head by an enchanted stone and can’t remember the formula to super human strength potion. It’s up to you to find as many ingredients as you can and try as many combinations as possible until you find the right one.

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    Asterix: Operation Getafix is an action and adventure game in which you control Asterix the hero of the Gauls and star of the Asterix & Obelix comics. In this game, you have to travel around collect items, and find a cure for Getafix, the druid of the Gauls. Play Asterix: Operation Getafix online!

    Getafix must be cured so that he can continue to make the potion that keeps Roman soldiers away from the tiny Gaul village.

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