GTA: London 69 DOS front cover
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    GTA: London 69

    Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack #1: London 1969 (commonly referred to as Grand Theft Auto: London 1969) is a mission pack for Grand Theft Auto. London 1969 was developed by Rockstar Canada and released by Rockstar Games.

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    Grand Theft Auto: Mission Pack #1 – London 1969 (GTA: London 69) is an official expansion pack to Grand Theft Auto. Instead of the fictional interpretations of New York, Miami and Los Angeles of the original, this game opens up the city of London to the player. Play GTA: London 69 online!

    The game features thirty new vehicles, new graphics and thirty-two new missions; all in a distinctly British theme. The new city contains many familiar landmarks from London in the late 60s as well as other cultural reference and Cockney slang. This time the player can choose the avatar’s appearance, otherwise gameplay has not been changed from the original game. The player still is involved in organized crime and must perform a variety of criminal activities.

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