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    In Search of Dr. Riptide

    Dr. Riptide is hell-bent on turning all of the world’s marine life into high-protein slurry, and must be stopped. Nick, a secret naval agent, must navigate his way through both natural caves and man-carved tunnels in order to find Dr. Riptide.

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    In Search of Dr. Riptide is an MS-DOS side-scrolling, action-adventure game that was developed by MindStorm Software and produced by Pack Media in 1994. It is set in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. Play In Search of Dr. Riptide online!

    In Search of Dr. Riptide game description

    As a naval agent your job is to find the secret undersea laboratory of evil scientist, Dr. Riptide and give an end to its destructive effects in this side scrolling arcade action.

    In your explorations of the underwater caverns, your main vehicle is a submarine. You can also use a JASON submersible that will help you to reach smaller areas with its small size.

    Your ability can be enhanced by collecting Power-Ups.

    Nick uses two subs on his search. The main sub can be upgraded with four levels of torpedoes, a surfacing missile weapon and a utility that allows the main sub and JASON sub to attack simultaneously. The main sub picks up all items, while the JASON sub can only pick up treasures.

    The JASON sub is much smaller than the main sub and can be used to explore gaps too small for the main sub to enter and it can be used to completely evade the deadly octopus tentacles. The JASON sub has a power level indicating the limited time the JASON sub can part from the main sub. The JASON sub must reunite with main sub to recharge its power. The JASON can only reach the second torpedo level.

    To survive Nick must have oxygen. The oxygen level can be recharged by collecting oxygen items or surfacing the main sub. Collecting a shield item increases the shield level, but it decreases the torpedo weapon by one level. The pulse cannon can be obtained by collecting four parts (one from each following level). The pulse cannon is powerful, but it uses up oxygen. In most levels, the green key must be collected to access the route to the exit. Treasures can be found either floating around or contained in barrels and chests. When faced by a boss in each episode, a weak point must be hit repeatedly to destroy it.

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    You can play In Search of Dr. Riptide online here, in web browser for free!

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