Moon Blaster DOS front cover
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    Moon Blaster

    A mindless but fun 3D shooter in the spirit of Spectre, Moon Blaster ups the ante with attractive graphics, good variety of enemy cars, interesting bonuses, and fun power-ups to collect.

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    In Moon Blaster you are a pilot of a ground-skimming space jet landed on the surface of moons to eliminate the enemies blasting them off. There are three kinds of moon – sand, green and ice, and you may visit all or only one of them. Sitting in the cockpit, you may speed up or turn your space jet, and blast off the enemy. Play Moon Blaster online!

    Keep an eye on the scanner to see which directions and distances have threats, and watch the shield level – one this reaches zero, a shot will force you to eject. Points are accumulated for shots fired and time survived.

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