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    Completely unrelated to Epic and Digital Extremes Unreal. In this Unreal, players must save a princess from the Master of Darkness.

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    Unreal is a magical world where you must save Princess Isolde, your true love, from the evil Polymorphic, the Master of Darkness. It is an action game made up of eight levels and contains a mixture of 2D and 3D graphics. Play Unreal online!

    Unreal game description

    The environment is also completely interactive – you can run up and down hills and slide through the snow but you have to be careful to not fall of the top of a cliff.

    On each level you will be faced with puzzles and battles and you need to get the high score you pass to the next level. If your health reaches zero you will die and the game is over. Fortunately, your health is replenished at the end of each level.

    The backstory, as well as an extensive mythology of the fictional world (also called “Unreal”) is given in the game manual.

    A creator being called Sleeper, sent his servant Fragor to Unreal to create life with some life-giving eggs. Fragor was hit by a comet and fell on Unreal releasing chaotic forces on the planet. While the elements were separated or mixed in uncontrollable ways, the eggs formed life on the planet. Forces of evil dominated the elements while the evil Polymorphe, who has the form of a floating flaming head, became absolute master. Unknown to him, the civilization of the Barbares, created out of a single egg which fell in a secluded valley.

    Two Barbares, Artaban and Isolde, befriend a dragon named Dracus who came from the sky. When Dracus did not show up for some time, Isolde was caught by Polymorphe’s servants while calling for him. Imprisoned in a dungeon, she was ordered to marry him, or Polymorphe would kill all life in the valley. Dracus and Artaban prepare to go to her rescue, and a mysterious wizard equips Artaban with an ancient sword forged from Fragor’s comet.

    The objective of the game is to guide Artaban (either on foot or riding Dracus on his back) to the Burning Sea where Polymorphe’s Flying Castle is found.

    Play Unreal online

    You can play Unreal online here, in web brwoser for free!

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