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    Ranx action game is adapted from the Italian comic book Ranx à New-York by Stefano Tamburini and Tanino Liberatore. Play Ranx online!

    Play it online!
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    Ranx is a very strange cyberpunk action game starring you as an ugly cyborg named Ranx, who’s big on muscles but very low on IQ.

    Your job is to help him escape his despicable life by earning enough cash to buy a plane ticket to New York, where he must deliver the X03 vaccine to cure the town of the terrible Fuchsia disease. Afterwards, it’s off to find his true love Lubna in Rome….

    Here the player controls Ranx, a cyborg in a cyberpunk-style world. A lethal virus is spreading, and the President has caught it, so Ranx must go to New York with the antidote to save him. After this, he must rescue his girlfriend in Rome.

    Ranx will fight with ninjas, homosexuals, the Chinese, and others, using his kicks and punches. Items can be picked up including pieces for later repairs and items which can be sold when talking to other characters. Destroy street lamps to get money, but make sure the police don’t see.

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